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What is Global Volunteer?
Global Volunteer is a 6 weeks cross-cultural volunteer experience for young people who seek to develop themselves and the world. As long as you are in between the age of 18-30 years old, you are eligible to apply.
What is the budget to join Global Volunteer?

The overall expenses for the entire 6 weeks voluntary experience usually cost between RM2.5k to RM 5k depending on your budget.We have volunteering projects across countries like Vietnam, Mainland of China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Romania. You would have to pay RM600 administration fee as a minimum cost for us to cover our operation and arrangement for your volunteering expeirience. Check out here to know what you are paying for.

Other than administration fee, depending on the types of projects you are applying to, your accommodation and meals might be or might not be covered. You have to confirm with the AIESECer to know the full budget of the project you are applying to.

The total budget you should be considering includes:

  • Return flight ticket to the country
  • Accommodation fee of the project (might be covered or not covered )
  • Meals ( might be covered or not covered )
  • Local transportation
  • Travel cost (if you wish to travel during the 6 weeks )
  • Insurance

Check out here to see how we suggest you to plan for your budget.


Is it safe to join Global Volunteer ?

In Global Volunteer our exchange is complied to 16 standards to protect our volunteers’ safety and rights. We also provide supports to handle volunteers’ crisis during the 6 weeks exchange.

However, a 6 weeks voluntary abroad experience definitely has its own risk and challenges. We provide Outgoing Preparation Seminar and other services to prepare our volunteers to be prepared before exchange. Since volunteers are all above 18 years old, we do expect our volunteers to understand the risk and to take full responsibility to take care of their own safety during exchange.


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