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International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

ISIC Cards for all AIESEC Exchange Participants!

AIESEC in Malaysia is partnering with MSL Travel Sdn Bhd, together offering the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) that allows you to obtain your very own AIESEC-customized ISIC. For just RM21.2 plus RM5.3 of postage, your card, which will be printed with its very own AIESEC logo, allow you to have access to discounts across the world, from food to cultural events! Get yours now by applying online at and don’t forget to have an AIESEC Exchange Participant identity verification¬†with you!

1. Malaysian ;
2. Student ;
2. AIESEC’s Exchange Participants

1. Exchange Participant identity verification (p/s: Please send an email to to request for the verification letter) ;
2. Passport size photo.