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Global Talent

Global Talent is an opportunity for youth from 18 to 30 to develop leadership qualities of self-awareness, solution orientation, empowering others and world citizenship while living a cross-cultural professional experience. In the product, you will work abroad to advance your goals.

Durations: 6 – 78 weeks

Global Entrepreneur

Global Entrepreneur is a opportunity for youth from 18 to 30 to develop leadership qualities of self-awareness, solution orientation, empowering others and world citizenship while living a cross-cultural startup experience. In the product, you will work abroad in a startup with entrepreneurs to advance your goals.

Duration: 6 – 12 weeks


The Five steps to your AIESEC internship

RM 800.00 fees

excluding flight ticket, living expenses abroad, travel insurance (compulsory), Visa fees (if required) and hosting fees (only for specific opportunities)



Our Global Talent placements allow you to have an international working placement at a registered company and/or educational institution in another country. You will have a clear job description and a supervisor to ensure you make the most of the opportunity. 

All Global Entrepreneur projects have been created by startups overseas partnering with AIESEC to enable young people from across the world to empower new ventures.

Support from AIESEC in Malaysia:

Personal goal setting

We host and facilitate spaces for personal goal setting based on AIESEC Leadership Development Assessment.

Preparation before departure

We provide Outgoing Preparation support in group or individual before you leave for your experience. It includes spaces on leadership qualities development (self awareness, empowering others, solution oriented, world citizen), Malaysian culture representation and culture shock preparation.

Experience debrief

We welcome you back to Malaysia for experience debrief. It includes spaces on personal goal review and reflection on your 6 weeks volunteer abroad experience.

Insurance support

We ensure you are reminded to get valid insurance to cover basic medical cost abroad. 

Support from AIESEC host abroad:

Logistics and Visa support

Your host provides personalised guidance at for you to acquire valid visa during your stay abroad. 

Experience facilitation and preparation

Your host provides Incoming Preparation once you arrive. It includes support from airport to your workplace and cultural integration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the duration for Global Talent/Global Entrepreneur?

The Global Talent internship ranges from 6 to 78 weeks.

The Global Entrepreneur internship is shorter and often 6 to 12 weeks

Am I eligible for Global Talent/Global Entrepreneur if i am not Malaysian?

Yes, you are eligible to participate in Global Talent, and your profile will be under AIESEC in Malaysia.

If I participate in Global Talent, am I under protection of Malaysian Foreign Consulate?

Yes, as long as you are Malaysian and there is a Malaysia Consulate office in your internship place.

Can I choose the my country of preference for Global Talent/Global Entrepreneur?

Yes, you may choose your own preference country but it is also depends on the opportunity provided by the respective country.

Does AIESEC in Malaysia provide sponsorship/financial aid to participants?
AIESEC does not offer discounts or financial aid for our exchange programs. It may be possible to use outside aid and scholarships to pay for your internship or volunteer program, but you should discuss this with your benefactor.
Is the salary enough to cover my expenses during my internship abroad?

Yes, the salary provided by the company is enough to cover rental and basic daily living expenses based on the cost living in a country but only for Global Talent.

With Global Entrepreneur, you will not get paid but accommodation will be supported.


Am I guaranteed an internship placement through Global Talent/Global Entrepreneur?

AIESEC in Malaysia will try our best to fulfill your requirements and ensure that you obtain an internship placement.

Can I work in the company after I have ended my internship in the company?

AIESEC does not provide post-internship services in getting placement with the company but we do not restrict interns from doing so.

Can I apply for internship positions other than marketing, sales and business admin?

AIESEC in Malaysia is focusing on marketing, sales and business admin internship placements. However you may apply for Finance, Education or Information Technology but the opportunities available is in shortage and high competition, in which your chances in getting a placement is not assured.

If I decide to pull out, will I be reimbursed?

There is strictly no reimbursement of the application fee (RM 300). However, there may be a reimbursement of administration fee (RM 500) in the event of a break match or realize, depending on the situation. We will refer to the Exchange Program Policy (XPP) in any decision-making.

Concern about Global Talent or Global Entrepreneur? Feel free to drop us a message

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