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Global Talent

Hire global interns and add competitive advantage to your business in today’s global market

For over 68 years, we have worked alongside government, businesses and talented students to facilitate life-changing professional experiences within small to multinational businesses.
Our mission is simple: to provide young people with meaningful and challenging experiences to develop their leadership potential.

A cross-cultural product where our young talent brings added value to your venture with their entrepreneurial spirit.
We provide young, passionate individuals that can bring strategic perspectives to your company while operating in a fast-paced environment for a placement duration of 6 to 12 weeks.
More companies are seeing the value of utilizing our pool of globally-minded students and recent graduates to position themselves as international leaders in the industry.

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Our Talent Pool

Marketing      gggggggggggg

Bring internationally experienced marketing know-how to your company

Information Technology

AIESEC interns bring in the competitive skill set and the creative attitude highly desirable in the today’s IT industry

Business             Administration

Our interns offer high end business solutions to all stakeholders, making them the ideal management offering

Exchange Partners

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