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Why we do what we do

Our belief is that leadership can help us solve many challenges of today.

We provide young people with a global platform where they grow in confidence, gain valuable experience and learn fast by doing.

You’ll discover what really matters to you while creating a positive social impact.

How we develop leadership in you

How will you grow up to become the person you dream to be? 

The world is rapidly changing and it requires different ways of learning

You need global experiences that will not just teach you, but enables you to experiment, fail and succeed.

How We Work

Our Members


Are part of an exciting and driven global network. They are able to contribute to societal change in their own communities and abroad while exploring and developing unique skills.

Our Partners


Support youth development,leadership & community involvement.They look to AIESEC to provide access to top talent through our membership and the Global Talent Programme.

Our Alumni


Are leaders in organizations they have built, work for and in the communities they live in. They use the skills and values gained in AIESEC to make a positive impact on society.

AIESEC’s Vision


Empowering Young People for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential

Globally minded and ambitious, we believe that by developing more value driven leaders we are able to improve the state of the world.

Our Approach


We believe in the power of youth leadership and we demonstrate it. Our youth members both participate and run the business of AIESEC. While providing businesses an international platform to engage and advance youth development.

Our Values

Activating Leadership

We lead by example and inspire leadership through action and results, taking full responsibility for developing others.

Demonstrating Integrity

We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions, fulfilling our commitments and conducting ourselves in a way that is true to our values.

Living Diversity

We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment.

Enjoying Participation

We create a dynamic environment through the active and enthusiastic participation of individuals.

Striving for Excellence

We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do, through creativity and innovation.

Acting Sustainably

We act in a way that is sustainable for our organization and society, taking into account of the needs of future generations.

Discover the value of AIESEC

For Students


We provide a life changing opportunity for university students to experience youth leadership development within a global network. Experience the premiere Global Internship Program that opens the doors of the world to you or run the business of AIESEC at your university to further develop your competencies and skills for future success.

For Companies


Unleash the power of engaged, intelligent and globally minded youth within your organization. Work alongside with AIESEC to acquire some of world’s top talent to bring the enthusiasm, creativity, ideas and new perspectives to your organization. With tens of thousands of youth around the world eager to develop themselves you play an important role in youth development while increasing your competitiveness.

> Did you know? 91% of our alumni assume leadership roles in their work life or communities

  • 91%

Our Presence & Impact Last Year


In Malaysia

13 University Chapters in Malaysia

45 Corporate Partners

1,000 Malaysian alumni around the world

400 Students Sent Abroad Last Year

30 Countries Impacted

1,000 AIESEC members

Our Global Network

2,600 University Chapters

8,000 Global Partners

1,000,000 Alumni around the world

24,000 Students Going Abroad

124 Countries Impacted

86,000 AIESEC members